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Portland Oregon

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law went on a trip to Portland, Oregon this summer. Here is a small guide and some great pictures of things to do and see if you ever make it out west.

The Pearl District is a must see area of town. It hosts lots of great boutiques and restaurants, including Cargo (pictured below). Cargo is an “importer of handpicked artifacts and antiques.” The store is full of great finds from all over the world. Other great shops to check out are: Bubble Boutique, Possession, and Knit Knot Studio.

My absolute favorite thing about Portland is Powell’s City of Books. Powell’s is one of the world’s biggest bookstores, with seven locations in the Portland area including a specialty store of just home and garden books! Powell’s has a great selection of both new and used books.

Portland has so much nature to see. This picture was taken at the International Test Rose Garden:

Thanks Rachel for passing along all these pictures of Portland! You can check out Rachel’s great blog at http://thriftytexasteacher.blogspot.com/.

Please leave comments about your favorite things in Portland!


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Historic Savannah

Today’s post is about some of the historic sights to see in Savannah. One of my favorite literary authors is Flannery O’Connor. She was born in Savannah, Georgia and lived there until age 13. We got to visit her childhood home (where she taught her chickens to walk backward) and be part of a great tour about her early years, led by a quirky O’Connor fanatic.

Inside the Flannery O'Connor Childhood Home

The entire city is full of old homes and historic buildings, here are a few that stand out:

The Savannah Cotton Exchange

Mercer House

On our last morning in Savannah we visited the Bonaventure Cemetery. As has often been said it is hauntingly beautiful. Here are a few great photographs taken by my husband Brian:

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We had a such great time in Savannah, Georgia. The city is absolutely charming. I am sitting in the airport now, waiting to get on my plane back to Texas, and I thought I’d post a few more pictures and write about some of my favorite spots.

As with any vacation, we spent much of our time eating. We enjoyed many of the restaurants, but I’ll just tell you about a few. Our very favorite was a small brunch/lunch cafe just outside the design district — Soho South Cafe. It’s located inside an art gallery, and the food was some of the best I’ve had. The menu was simple — mostly soup, salad and sandwiches. I ordered a portabella sandwich with vegetables and a side of three bean soup. Absolutely my favorite meal of the week.

Soho South Cafe

We also ate at Rocks on the River, on the street level of The Bohemian Hotel. My husband Brian had the “freeform” eggplant lasagna (which I’ll try to re-create for you soon). I had a sun-dried tomato pesto and four cheese pizza. Both were fantastic.

Today we ate at Paula Deen’s The Lady & Sons, the much-anticipated highlight of our dining experience in Savannah. Although the buffet was plentiful and wonderfully southern, we weren’t wowed by the food. Perhaps our expectations were too high.

One of my favorites homes in Savannah.

We had a great time shopping in Savannah. The downtown design district is home to around 15 excellent shops, including many antiques and vintage ones. Some of my favorites were One Fish Two Fish and Madame Chrysanthemum (with whom I discussed her possible relocation to Austin). There was a small (fantastic) bookstore called The Book Lady, where we spent a solid 45 minutes looking through old and new volumes.

That’s all for now, but I can’t wait to share with you about my favorite spot in Savannah, The Paris Market & Brocante. I’ll also add information about some of the great historic sights, including the childhood home of Flannery O’Connor.

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Savannah, GA

Here is just a sneak peak of some of the beautiful architecture here in Savannah.

Don’t worry I’ll be posting more about Savannah soon, including a great guide for shopping, eating and exploring!

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