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(Part 1 will follow Part 2…You’ll see why later)

This time last year (give or take a week) I was surrounded by beautiful fall foliage, and on my honeymoon. Looking at pictures from our trip gets me excited for the weather to grow cooler and the leaves to change. Enjoy these beautiful photos from our trip to New England as you wait for Autumn to arrive.


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My husband, Brian Douglas Phillips, is a musician/producer and spent last weekend working on a new album with some good friends of ours, The Reliques. They were at Pozo Hondo Studios in Round Top, Texas. The studio is styled so well … you don’t want to miss these dreamy shots:

If you don’t know about The Reliques, you need to check them out. They have a new EP coming out soon that you wont want to miss!

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This weekend we visited some dear friends in Waco, Texas. We had a great time catching up and playing with their 1 year old daughter. Jeni has such a beautiful backyard I couldn’t help but take pictures to share with you:



and the lovely Rose.

and the lovely Rose.

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DIY Festive Banner

My friend Alex and I worked together on this banner. It turned out cute and was really easy to make!


Small pieces of leftover fabric


Straight Pins

Sewing Machine



1. Begin by choosing 15-20 different fabrics.

2. Measure out a pattern by cutting a triangle that is 10-12 inches from top to tip. Leave about 2 inches “not tapered” at the top in order to fold the fabric over the rope.

3. Pin the pattern to each piece of fabric so that the flags are all the same size, and cut.

4. Fold the top “not tapered” edge of the fabric over the rope.

5. Finally, sew a straight seam under the rope on each flag.

It’s a lot of repetition, but it turns out great. Get creative by stamping solid fabrics or coordinating the fabric for each flag.

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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the court yard completely finished before our guests arrived. I haven’t given up though; I just want more time to get it right. Here is some progress:

I painted a few pots to add more color to the space.

I bought these outdoor pillows for only $6.50 each. They were such a great deal, but I am already considering re-covering them once I get the sewing machine up and running.

Check back soon for DIY directions on how to make this cute party banner!

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Since my last court yard makeover post, I have spent $14 and done hardly anything. We’re having close to 20 guests come to our house for a pot-luck style birthday party in about four days. Can I finish?

Here is my progress:

I decided to use this sign from our wedding as my inspiration. I find it to be modern, rustic and romantic.

I began by adding some color to a few of the details. I love how these candle holders turned out — the yellow brings color to the court yard without taking over the natural greens and browns.

Obviously I haven’t done much else. Check back this week as I scamble to finish before the guests arrive!

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We spend a lot of time the courtyard area off the side of our house. It has so much potential to be a really cute and functional area, but it gets looked over all the time as I spend money and time decorating and fixing up the inside instead. Here are a few pictures of the side yard’s current state (rough I know). I’ve decided on a budget of less than $40 and a time frame of 3 weeks, just in time for my birthday pot-luck party!

Here are a few things that I have already that I’m planning on using. I really love white flowers because they seem to glow at twilight. My aunt gave me the candle sticks (right out of her garden) when I mentioned how much I liked them (though I’m sure you could find similar ones pretty easily).

Wish me luck, and of course I’m open for any ideas you have!

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