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Portland Oregon

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law went on a trip to Portland, Oregon this summer. Here is a small guide and some great pictures of things to do and see if you ever make it out west.

The Pearl District is a must see area of town. It hosts lots of great boutiques and restaurants, including Cargo (pictured below). Cargo is an “importer of handpicked artifacts and antiques.” The store is full of great finds from all over the world. Other great shops to check out are: Bubble Boutique, Possession, and Knit Knot Studio.

My absolute favorite thing about Portland is Powell’s City of Books. Powell’s is one of the world’s biggest bookstores, with seven locations in the Portland area including a specialty store of just home and garden books! Powell’s has a great selection of both new and used books.

Portland has so much nature to see. This picture was taken at the International Test Rose Garden:

Thanks Rachel for passing along all these pictures of Portland! You can check out Rachel’s great blog at http://thriftytexasteacher.blogspot.com/.

Please leave comments about your favorite things in Portland!


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Amy Merrick, who I first read about in Country Living, guest blogs on Design Sponge and has her own blog under the moniker Emerson Merrick. Her photography is so stunning, I can’t get enough of her.

Patina Green is a great new store in McKinney, Texas. I have not had a chance to check it out yet, but I plan to next time I am in town. They have a great blog that showcases their ideas and downtown shop.

You can find out more about Patina Green here!

My good friend and fantastic photographer Paige Newton (of Paige Newton Photography) started this blog to share her adventures of turning her house in to a secondhand home.

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I thought you might like to check out my cousin-in-law’s great blog and cake business. Jessica has so much energy and such a talent for making really creative and tasty cakes. Here is my favorite:

You can find Jessica and her cakes at http://www.JessiCakesMckinney.blogspot.com!

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More Lovely Blogs!

Here are some lovely blogs that I thought you might like to read. I chose these because they all have the word “lovely” in the title. Enjoy!

Lovely Bike is all about bicycles. What more could a girl ask for? Here are a few beautiful shots from the blog:

The Loveliest Day is a wedding blog, but it’s just inspiring — even for those of us who aren’t planning a wedding. Here are some shots she posted from Sloan Photographers that I just can’t get enough of. I’m obsessed!

She posts ideas that are great for both “weddings and life”. Check out this table:

picture by Jose Villa

More Lovely Blogs to come soon!

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