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Janet Hill Studio

Leona and the Yellow Bird

Francine and her Frenchie

Paige in a Green Dress

The Flowering Orange Tree

I am so in love! Janet Hill Studio is such a great find that you wont want to miss. You can find Hill’s beautiful paintings and prints on her etsy site.  I hope you fall in love too.


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You are you going to love this beautiful line of recycled paper products from designer Fiona Richards. She gets inspiration from  memories of her grandparents world travels, and her own.  Cartolina is charming and clever, you’ll become as obsessed as me in no time!

Cartolina also has a beautiful app for smart phones. It includes a calendar and 8 beautiful designs ready to text or e-mail. I downloaded mine over the weekend!

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John Derian has a great new line at Target. I absolutely love every piece in the collection (and have even purchased a few). This is a great way to get your hands on some budget items from a fantastic designer! Many pieces are already sold out online, but I’ve seen a lot still in the stores. So you better hurry!

Platters: $12.99 – $14.99

Mugs: $4.99

Apple Plates: set of 8 $19.99

Wall Decor: sold seperately $24.99

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B.kat Design

I am so excited to introduce to you my friend, Katrina, and her great line of stationary.

I love B.kat Design’s simple and clean stationary. You can buy individual cards or save by buying a whole set. They also do custom invitation designs and printing. You can find her online at www.bkatdesign.com! Come back for updates about B.kat Design!

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I have always loved plaid. As a girl I loved dreaming that the first day of school would be filled with plaid skirts, apples and falling leaves. Unfortunately living in Texas and starting school around the middle of August meant shorts and tank tops were the dress code.

Since so much of America is enjoying fall weather, I thought I’d dream a little and share some great plaid finds!

Camargo Creations $8

She Sells, $10

Ex Libris Handmade, $20 (This product uses vintage fabric)

Calvi Ree, $38

Paper Girl Studios, $7 (set of 4)

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I got this idea from my cousin, Jody Gully. She shared with me how to make these fantastic headbands for girls.


Fake Flowers (You can find great ones in the scrap-booking section area at any craft store, or just use regular silk flowers)

A cloth headband


Scrap-booking brads


1. Pull apart some fake flowers and mismatch them.

2. Fasten flowers together using a scrap-booking brad.

3. Hot glue the flowers to the headband

4. You’re done!

Not only do they make great gifts, but they are easy and economical to make (chances are you have most of the supplies at your house already). Leave a comment with any variations you come up with!

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Of Books and Bicycles

Today’s shopping guide has some great ideas for readers:

Funky Large Paper Clips or Bookmarks. By: Terra Luna Designs $12. You can get them here!

Classics, with covers designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith you can buy them at most bookstores or online here!

This is a picture of my personal embosser, that I received as a Wedding gift from my aunt, I love it an use it on many of my books. You can buy one like it  here from Williams-Sonoma. Also here is a great blog entry about labeling your books, from Natalie at www.booklineandsinker.com.

This is me on my bicycle! I love to take it to the Library, the basket makes it so easy to carry my books there and back. I bought this at Wal-mart, you can find one like it online at wal-mart.com.

Happy Reading!

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