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This time last year (give or take a week) I was surrounded by beautiful fall foliage, and on my honeymoon. Looking at pictures from our trip gets me excited for the weather to grow cooler and the leaves to change. Enjoy these beautiful photos from our trip to New England as you wait for Autumn to arrive.


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Over the weekend my husband, Brian, and I visited both of my grandmothers (and gobs of other family members) in Midland and Odessa, Texas. We spent much of our time looking through old family pictures, something I can never seem to get enough of. Here are a few photos of my paternal grandparents, Jo and Leon Porter:

My Grandparents in 1948

My Grandparents in 1975

MJDL 2006

and in 2006.

While we were there my grandmother had me look through old linens that she and her mom had embroidered and crocheted. There were so many lovely ones I had a hard time leaving any for my cousins. Here are a few I have already started using at my own home:

The new pieces inspired me to get out a pair of pillow cases that my maternal great-grandmother embroidered for my parents as a wedding gift:

The last night we were in town, I began to covet many of the decorations in my grandmother’s home. As I looked around I thought about all the stories and memories and life that many of her belongings hold.  I began to think “Does my house look like my grandmother’s?” the answer is no, to my husband’s delight, but I know that even though it doesn’t yet…it will one day.

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