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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the court yard completely finished before our guests arrived. I haven’t given up though; I just want more time to get it right. Here is some progress:

I painted a few pots to add more color to the space.

I bought these outdoor pillows for only $6.50 each. They were such a great deal, but I am already considering re-covering them once I get the sewing machine up and running.

Check back soon for DIY directions on how to make this cute party banner!


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Since my last court yard makeover post, I have spent $14 and done hardly anything. We’re having close to 20 guests come to our house for a pot-luck style birthday party in about four days. Can I finish?

Here is my progress:

I decided to use this sign from our wedding as my inspiration. I find it to be modern, rustic and romantic.

I began by adding some color to a few of the details. I love how these candle holders turned out — the yellow brings color to the court yard without taking over the natural greens and browns.

Obviously I haven’t done much else. Check back this week as I scamble to finish before the guests arrive!

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We spend a lot of time the courtyard area off the side of our house. It has so much potential to be a really cute and functional area, but it gets looked over all the time as I spend money and time decorating and fixing up the inside instead. Here are a few pictures of the side yard’s current state (rough I know). I’ve decided on a budget of less than $40 and a time frame of 3 weeks, just in time for my birthday pot-luck party!

Here are a few things that I have already that I’m planning on using. I really love white flowers because they seem to glow at twilight. My aunt gave me the candle sticks (right out of her garden) when I mentioned how much I liked them (though I’m sure you could find similar ones pretty easily).

Wish me luck, and of course I’m open for any ideas you have!

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